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  • Agent Tips: Give Away Beer

    We haven't done an Agent Tips post in a little while, but we saw a story that not only deserves some recognition, but sparked some ideas for us to share with you. A very intuitive seller took it upon himself to motivate buyers by offering a year's supply of beer to the buyer. Really, who would say no to that?! Not only is this seller imaginative, but effective with this idea, as it captured a decent amount of local media attention. For those of your wondering how much beer that really is, the home owner calculated the average price of a six pack of beer multiplied by 52 weeks and will hand the new homeowner a gift certificate for this value, allowing them to purchase any beer of their choice.Now, we're not writing this in an attempt to get people to give beer away with every house they sell, however we are applauding these efforts, and encouraging agents to think outside the box, much like this seller. Conventional marketing (i.e. newspaper classifieds, flyering, etc.) are not going to achieve results for yourself or your clients in this highly saturated and deflated market. Intuition and creativity are going to be good tell-tales for thinning out the flock in the world of real estate, and there's no better time to start than right away. Step outside the box, figure out an idea that will entice buyers based on local social interests, and execute the mission. We can guarantee you will see results if you ideas aren't too zany. Heck, run them by us on Twitter and we'll even tell you what we think! image courtesy of [email protected]

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