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  • Monthly Archives: March 2012

    Live in a Shipping Container

    A new type of home is making its way into society’s awareness which, although a regular polygon, is quite irregular. Shipping containers, once only used for transporting goods overseas, are now being repurposed for living. Many of these containers measure between 20 and 40 feet in length, the latter offering inhabitants a total area of...

    Vancouver’s New Direction

    Earlier this year, the coastal city of Vancouver, BC, was donned the title of the 2nd most expensive city in the world, just under Hong Kong. Presumably, in light of this event, Vancouver has taken measures to address the population of their city classified within the low to medium income range...

    Can You Identify These Men?

    This picture was taken at the RE/MAX No Limits Convention in Victoria in February. Pretty awesome, right? We’re launching a nationwide search for the names of these gentlemen (we assure you, they will not be harmed). We are offering a FREE You-Build website for anyone who can correctly identify their names. Email us at [email protected]...

    Facebook Timelines: A Real Estate Blessing

    Alright Agents, listen up! Facebook will be updating their "Pages' soon, to the new Timeline that has been in a testing mode for approximately a month now. Changes to the "Pages" layouts will be permanently changed within the next month, and here's why you shouldn't waste any time jumping on board with this great new...

    Vancouver Hotels Get a Social Reno

    Thirteen hotels in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside are getting renovated to transform the buildings into social housing, costing the federal and provincial governments a total of $116 million. The new single-room units will provide housing for 900 of Vancouver’s homeless or soon-to-be homeless.This project also offers an added benefit of ‘restoring the heritage value of the...