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  • Live in a Shipping Container

    A new type of home is making its way into society’s awareness which, although a regular polygon, is quite irregular. Shipping containers, once only used for transporting goods overseas, are now being repurposed for living. Many of these containers measure between 20 and 40 feet in length, the latter offering inhabitants a total area of 304 square feet. This gives life to otherwise unused containers sitting stagnant in the United States which wastes funds associated with storing them and the resources used to build them.However, this ‘real estate’ trend is nothing new, in fact it has existed for decades. And the method is getting more refined, with multi-story structures being built to resemble typical homes, shipping containers are more than just a novelty. In addition,many business owners, government agencies, and the military are using these shipping container structures for their practical purposes as well (shelters, student housing, coffee shops etc.), proving that they are beyond just trendy homes. But domestic use is proving to be significant for companies in the business of transforming shipping containers; with a patio, tiled roof, and windows, these homes can blend perfectly well with the rest of the neighborhood.Via Inman NewsPhoto courtesy of Glamour Schatz

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