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  • Monthly Archives: October 2011

    The Ten Most Empty Cities in America

    It's Friday, so what a better way to end the week than another Top 3 post right?! Here are the top three stories we found to share with you. We can't really ask you whether you'd prefer good or bad news first...so let's start with the bad and work into the good!The Bad...

    Spooky Houses

    Halloween, probably the strangest celebrated day of the year, is just around the corner. To get everyone into a spooky mood, we've decided to go along with a post based pretty much strictly around the  Halloween theme.This house was unveiled a few months ago, but considering the occasion, we think that it's definitely still worth...

    The Top 3 with a Halloween Flare

    Today we're trying to pick up the slack on an attempt at a Friday blog tradition: Top 3's. Being relatively self explanatory, let's get right into it. Here are the the top three stories we found in our searches today.

    With Halloween just around the corner, everybody's getting into pumpkin carving/costume making/candy buying mode....

    We’re Back!

    Apologies for having not been posting for the past little while, but we are back and ready to roll! We'll try and stack this post a little bit to make up for the previous lack of material.This recent article has been released by the Orlando Sentinel about the foreclosure on Chris Tucker's (Rush Hour, Rush...