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  • Halloween, probably the strangest celebrated day of the year, is just around the corner. To get everyone into a spooky mood, we've decided to go along with a post based pretty much strictly around the  Halloween theme.This house was unveiled a few months ago, but considering the occasion, we think that it's definitely still worth looking at: a Zombie Proof House. Yes, that's right. It seems to be that somebody took Resident Evil seriously enough to construct a house that is prepared for a zombie apocalypse. The funny thing about this house is that it genuinely looks like a very nice and modernly designed house until the two foot thick concrete slabs engulf it.We'll let you decide for yourself whether this was a wise investment and just how seriously we should take zombies as a genuine threat to your personal safety.To keep up with the topic of strange houses, if that house wasn't "Halloween" enough for you, then this article on the scariest houses in the US may give you a nice spook. Who knew that there were such strange houses out there?! Some of the highlights are a house built like a maze to confuse evil spirits, an old slave holding, and a house filled by the sound of crying/screaming babies.photo courtesy of Muffet

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