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  • The Ten Most Empty Cities in America

    It's Friday, so what a better way to end the week than another Top 3 post right?! Here are the top three stories we found to share with you. We can't really ask you whether you'd prefer good or bad news first...so let's start with the bad and work into the good!The Bad News: More of the same, the US real-estate market is really taking a beating. These numbers are based on rental and ownership vacancy numbers. We won't give away the whole story, but to give you an idea, the 2nd emptiest city is Indianapolis, Indiana with a rental vacancy rate of 13.5% and ownership vacancy of 5.2%.The Good News: Now, for a pick-me-up piece of information: Canadian home sales are up 2.7%! According to this Vancouver Sun article, Canada's real-estate situation is starting to shape up a bit! Potential buyers, pick up your socks before prices start going up on you! Now that we can see a positive shift, this might be the perfect opportunity to yield benefit on that greatly priced investment.The Quiz: Here's a fun quiz on how to find out if your home-buying knowledge is up to snuff. Let's see how well you do! And yes, we do apologize for giving you a quiz on a Friday afternoon. Maybe we should have titled this post "The Good, The Bad and The Homework"... photo courtesy of Horia Varlan

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