Generating a PDF Brochure

Here is a quick How-To Guide on setting up customized PDF Brochure's of your listing.

Choosing a Default Brochure Theme

The first thing you'll want to do is set a Default Theme that will be applied to all of your listings.

  1. The first step is to login to your EstateVue Admin Panel.
  2. Then in the menu on the left hand side click on "Site Configuration."
  3. Click on the last tab labeled "PDF."
  4. Choose a theme you wish to set as default for all of your listings and simply click on it. An orange title labeled "Set as Default" will now show up over-top of the theme you have chosen.
  5. Click the update button to the top right of your screen.

Custom Brochure Themes for Printing

You can also have a custom brochure theme for each listing for printing purposes.

  1. Then in the menu on the left hand side click on "Listings" and then "Manage Featured Listings."
  2. You will be taken to the "Manage Featured Listings" page. Next to the listing you wish to edit, click on the "PDF" icon located to the right
  3. A window will now pop up and allow you to choose your theme. Once you click on the theme it will open in PDF format in a new browser tab.
  4. You can now Print this brochure directly from the browser.

Brochure Themes

Click the links below to view all of our current Brochure Themes:

  1. Knyox
  2. Ravur
  3. Toreogy
  4. Kekrorc
  5. Hualnua
  6. Soblek
  7. Xrammuhr
  8. Pabbyrd
  9. Puokop
  10. Nowolph

Make sure to stay tuned for even more amazing brochure layouts in the future!

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