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  • Monthly Archives: August 2012

    Instant Chat Tool For Your Website

    The coming of the digital age has given us the power to instantly connect with those important to us, and now we’re taking that one step further with the new Instant Chat Tool. This interactive real estate messenger feature is designed to keep you in touch with your clients and for them to keep in...

    We’re Going To RLPNSC!

    And what a mouthful of an acronym that is. The Royal LePage National Sales Conference (RLPNSC) is taking place in Vancouver, BC in just under a month and we can't wait to see you there. We'll be accompanied by our associates Enviromint to bring you a fully-rounded and detailed real estate solution covering all of...

    Boomerang Benefits

    The boomerang generation – a title freely used to describe most people who were born in the late 80′s and early 90′s, who are now in their 20′s, have gone to college or university, then moved straight back home. One of the main causes of this ‘boomerang generation’ phenomenon are the lack of available jobs...

    SEO Listing Tools For websites

    Our search engine optimized listing tools are designed with Google and the other major search engines in mind.    We have carefully programmed our toolset to work in conjunction with Google’s white papers and SEO strategies.  For example, every listing that you see in our tool is completely “indexible” and can be viewed as a standalone...

    Home Improvement Breakdown

    Every once in a while we run into some houses that have been personalized, adjusted, tailored, or whatever else you'd like to call it, just a little bit too much to the owner's liking. In fact, most of these "little changes" become a pretty "big deal" when you're trying to sell your property. This is...

    Here We Go Again

    As it turns out, the housing market is reportedly stabilizing as we, among many others, have been talking about for the past couple months. The interesting portion about this is where the stability is being derived from. From what we can see, there's a large number of investors putting their money into luxury real estate...but...

    Infinite Widget Styling on Search and custom websites

    EstateVue’s commitment to versatile technology is unparalleled, which is why we’ve taken our listing widgets to the next level. No matter what branding scheme you or your brokerage may have, our fully custom listings widget allows for specific colour schemes and sizes to be applied in an unlimited number of combinations. This infinite styling ability...

    Mobile Friendly Real Estate Websites

    Mobile friendly browsing is one of the most important features required of a modern website. Not only are EstateVue sites mobile friendly, they’re seamlessly tailored to provide the same unique desktop viewing experience and features to your clients with the convenience of viewing on their mobile devices. Our mobile friendly EstateVue sites are also designed...