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  • Monthly Archives: July 2012

    Agent Tips: Web Traffic Vs. Cold Hard Leads

    We've got to clear the air about something that's been frustrating us for quite some time now. As of late, it's come to our attention that some agent website and marketing providers have been passing along pretty hokey information to their clients, which we think is pretty un-fair.What we're referring to is the passing-along of website traffic...

    EnviroMint Partnership Announcement

    The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing and Back Office Solution

    EstateVue is pleased to announce our new partnership with EnviroMint, a paperless office solution for real estate document, transaction, and account management services. They offer a reliable back-end system that centralizes each brokerage’s information, thus improving efficiency and drastically cutting down on paper waste....

    New Design Commitment (0 Day Shelfware)

    EstateVue is all about providing the best we’ve got the second we get it, and that’s exactly what we do with our new site designs. We provide our clients with beautiful real estate websites and are never short on regularly updated designs. We release new and dynamic templates every chance we get, so checking our...

    Agent Tips: Footers. Yes, You Need Them!

    The world of real estate is riddled with interesting websites, to say the least. We're not going to dive into everything that an agent website needs to have, because we'd be here forever, but we will however point out an obvious part that we find missing A LOT: footers! As an agent or broker, your...

    Real Estate Agents Bails on the Market

    Just when you’ve seen everything in real estate, an agent steps in and gives you something to think about. Ken Roy, a Vancouver real estate agent is encouraging others to get out of the Vancouver market before the slow sales period starts to snowball. Not only is that unusual for someone in his position who...

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