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  • Why Is Responsive Web Design Important?

    Why Is Responsive Web Design Important For Your Website?

    Smartphones and tablets have changed the approach towards design and user experience. Before the coming of age with mobile devices with advanced web-browsing capability, web designers are now presented with a challenge, and that is - keeping the same look and flow of their websites on various devices/browsers. A responsive web design is essential now as the mobile sales have overtaken desktop sales.

    But, if you are still asking why is responsive design so important? Then let’s educate you on the topic -

    What is Responsive Web Design?

    Adjusting Screen Resolution – The easiest way to explain this is that every device (iphone, Samsung, iPad, Tablet etc) vary in screen resolutions. It is easy to predict there are going to be new screen sizes (landscape or portrait) with devices every day and that is also including color. Below you can see the wide range of screen sizes that have to be taken into consideration:

    So it is obvious our designers/developers cannot keep creating custom resolutions for each one device as it is impossible to keep up with the market. The way we deal with this is flexible EVERYTHING, what I mean by flexible everything I mean the layout of your website, columns, text and images.

    Now we have had a brief run through what a Responsive Wed Design is, watch our video to see one site in action -


    ben new from Atomic Fiftyfive on Vimeo.

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