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  • Websites for REALTORS®: Why Keep Your Brand Updated Online?


    As a REALTOR®, keeping your brand up to date is critical. Much like other industries, ensuring that your brand is current will help improve your reputation with clients, make you more accessible and ensure that you stay relevant in a competitive market. One of the best ways to guarantee your brand’s success is by conducting frequent brand refreshes. If you’re on the fence about updating your digital presence, we have come up with a list of reasons why this is a good idea. Follow along below to learn more about keeping websites for REALTORS® updated in the digital age.  

    Reasons That You Must Keep Websites for REALTORS® Updated 

    In the world of real estate, your brand’s online presence is often the first impression that clients will receive of your business. Depending on how current your presence is, this can seriously impact the amount of leads you generate. If your digital brand is current, you will likely make a better first impression. Thus, resulting in more opportunities for your business. Contrastively, an outdated brand can signal to potential clients that your business is not reliable or professional. 

    Another reason to keep your brand updated online is to build trust and credibility. Keeping your brand current on digital platforms like your website, social media, and Google Business shows your dedication to your profession. Not only this, but it also ensures that potential clients are being given the most up-to-date information about your business. From contact information to operational hours, all of this information can change from year to year and month to month. Consequently, it’s important to keep these things current. 

    Besides first impressions and building your reputation, an updated digital brand is necessary to stay relevant in competitive industries. In Canada, many of the nation’s largest real estate markets are marked by their competitive nature. For example, cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. Each of these locations is characterized by bustling real estate markets where agents need to stand out to be successful. A great digital brand presence can help you separate yourself from a crowded market. So, if your brand is still living in the 2000s it’s time for a refresh! Modernize your look by highlighting your expertise, current listings, and reputation. 

    Why Else Would You Want to Keep Your Brand Current Online?

    Ensuring that your brand remains current is about more than just keeping up appearances. It’s also about making it easier for prospective buyers/sellers to find you. Popular search engines like Google prioritize websites that are regularly updated with fresh content. Especially, content that is relevant to your brand—ahem SEO. By conducting regular updates to your website, you stand to gain a better location within search engine results pages (SERPs). Thus, allowing clients to find you with ease. Moreover, better ranking in search engines often translates to increased organic traffic to your website. 

    As REALTOR® finding a way to incorporate the latest trends into your brand is also important. With new technologies being introduced on the daily, it’s important to make sure that your digital presence makes use of them where relevant. For example, this could be done by introducing virtual tours for your listings, AI chat services to be used outside of regular office hours, or 3D floor plans. Alternatively, you could give your client base access to unique metrics about the current real estate market using EstateVue’s charting technology—infomatix. This tool allows buyers, sellers, and agents to get key market insights all within a simple graphical interface. It is these sorts of additional features that help you stand out from the competition and showcase your relevancy in the market. 

    Lastly, a strong online presence will make it easier for you to engage with your target audience. By providing regular updates on social media, new blog postings, and responding to comments/messages you can build lasting relationships with the people in your community. This will help you become an established real estate professional in your local market. 

    Contact us Today About Websites for REALTORS® 

    Maintaining a brand that is relevant to current industry trends and up-to-date with your business information is critical. Doing so will ensure that you remain competitive and continue to foster an authoritative reputation in your community’s real estate market. 

    For more information about how to guarantee that your digital presence stays updated, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you as you work toward establishing yourself in the real estate community. Be sure to check back next month for more information like this! We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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