Step by Step Instructions on Creating a DDF Feed

Login to

  1. Go to
  2. Select your Board or Association from the drop down
  3. Enter your User I.D.
  4. Enter your Password
  5. Click Sign In

Access the DDF Link

  1. Click the Access the Data Distribution Facility link

Data Feeds Screen

  1. Click Manage My Data Feeds

Data Feeds Screen

  1. Click Add a Data Feed

Add a Data Feed Screen

  1. Choose “National Shared Pool”
  2. Select that you will be engaging a 3rd party Technology Provider
  3. Locate and select EstateVue
  4. Type the website domain you will be using
  5. Select “I want to use a filters…”
  6. Select your board
  7. Click to preview before saving

After the Feed has been Configured

  1. Review the information
  2. Opt in to make any changes
  3. Read the terms of use
  4. Click to save

After the Feed has been Configured

  1. We will receive an agreement and we will sign it and send back to CREA before you are able to see any listings on your website.

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