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    The effortlessly embeddable JavaScript code serves as a valuable asset for any Realtor’s website, seamlessly generating a dynamic line chart. Meticulously designed to visually convey essential real estate metrics, this tool provides a user-friendly interface for clients and professionals alike. Updated monthly by our team at EstateVue, the chart becomes a reliable and up-to-date resource, offering insights into key trends such as sales volume, days to sell, units sold, new listings, and active listings. Its intuitive design enables Realtors to stay ahead of market dynamics and make informed decisions, while the regular updates ensure that the displayed information remains current and relevant. This feature not only enhances the overall functionality of the website but also positions the Realtor as a knowledgeable and proactive industry expert committed to providing valuable and timely market insights to clients.

    South Okanagan average single family price in 2023

    The easy to embed JavaScript code generates a dynamic line chart for any Realtor’s website. It has been designed to visually represent crucial real estate metrics and it is updated on a monthly basis by us. The chart displays all single family units for each month of the year, compared to bencmark price, average price, and median price. ** Benchmark Price is an estimated sales price of a benchmark property. A benchmark property is a standard or yardstick property within the target area.