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  • Custom Websites for Agents

    custom website for realtors

    Custom Websites

    You're at that stage in your career when only the best will do which is why you need a custom website for realtors. You've proven that it takes money to make money and that staying ahead of the pack is imperative if you want to stay on top. That's why CUSTOM isn't your last shot at getting it right, it's just how you roll. All the bells and whistles come stock and standard. The extras are in how it looks and feels to the end user. If only the best will do, then call us now for your personal branding experience.

    SEO Optimized,  IDX Spider Capable Search, SYNCRO Real Estate Chat,  100% custom graphic design converted into web format - total control, 360 Tours, Hotspots, Drag and Drop CMS, Social Media Integration, Widget Library, Professionally Designed Templates, WordPress Blog, Hosted, Supported, Zero Day Shelfware, IDX enabled featured and office listings, Unlimited Pages, Google analytics setup, guaranteed leads, customizable mobile friendly site, WordPress blog functionality, Blog syndication, SEO friendly listings, Enhanced design library. Built in Google Adwords Budget & Setup, 50-100+ hours of custom design, reporting, custom design and programming elements.

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    To see one of these juggernauts in action , please contact us either via the chat window / form below.

    Here's What You'll be Getting:



        • 100% Fully Custom Website




        • Custom Lead Generation Techniques







        • Web-Based Content Management


    Is a Custom Website Right for You?

    By filling out our custom website design form below you we will be able to start a conversation that will allow to find out exactly what it takes to create the highest end website in your market.  Custom websites are unique and have the potential to be lead generating powerhouses, but before you contact us about a custom website, please consider the following:

    • A custom website is our most expensive option that we have.  Pricing typically ranges between 7500 - 15000 CAD.
    • Your time is required to help us build the site.  We will be relying on information that you provide, so that we can build you a site that will work really well.
    • Building a custom website takes alot of time.  Typical project time frames range from 3-6 months, but can take longer depending on the complexity of the site.

    If you think a custom website for realtors is something your business / brand requires, then I would encourage you to contact us via the form below or start a chat via SYNCRO.

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