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  • EstateVue has a special system for managing and displaying your testimonials.  Here's how to use it:

    Adding / Editing Testimonials

    The first step is to build a library of your testimonials. You can enter them in the control panel.  Begin by logging into EstateVue with your username and password.

    1. Hover over "Pages" and choose "Testimonials"
    2. Click "Add / New" to create one, or edit an existing testimonial by clicking its name.
    3. You can publish or hide a testimonial by clicking the icon in the "Publish" column, or delete it by clicking its checkbox and then clicking "Remove"

    Displaying Testimonials

    The testimonials you entered above will show up anywhere on your site where you add a Testimonials Widget (which shows a preview), and in full on the special Testimonials page.To add the widget to a page:

    1. Click the "Add Element" bar where you want the widget to appear.
    2. Click the "General Widgets" tab and choose "Testimonials Widget" (you may have to scroll down), then click "add".
    3. You may need to refresh the page if the widget doesn't appear properly right away.

    Anyone can click "Read More" from your Testimonials Widget to see the main Testimonials page.  To put this main page directly on your menu:

    1. Click "Read More" from the widget to get to the main page.
    2. Copy the URL from your browser's address bar (it will look something like "http://v2.estatevue.com/platform/yourcity/yourname/testimonial")
    3. Click "Manage Navigation" from the bottom menu. This will allow you to edit your menu.
    4. Click "Add Link", give the page a name in the "label" field, and paste the URL you copied from step 3 into the URL field (make sure you clear the field first so the "http://" isn't written twice)
    5. You can drag the page into the position you want, then click "Save"

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