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    This effortlessly embeddable JavaScript code empowers users with a real-time inventory comparison of various property types, transcending geographical constraints. Tailored for easy integration into Realtor websites, the code dynamically generates an interactive chart that visually represents the current inventory of different property types. Updated in real time, this chart offers users a dynamic perspective on the correlations between property types, providing valuable insights into the ever-evolving dynamics of the local real estate market. The code’s flexibility allows it to adapt seamlessly to diverse regions, offering Realtors a versatile tool to showcase and analyze the real-time inventory trends of different property types on their websites. This commitment to real-time updates ensures that visitors receive accurate and up-to-the-minute information, transforming the user experience and fostering a deeper understanding of the dynamic nature of property inventories across various markets.



    This easily embeddable JavaScript code enables real-time visualizations of inventory across property types in Kelowna. The code generates an interactive chart, specifically designed for Realtor websites. Updated monthly by our team, the chart visually illustrates the correlation between property property type, and inventory levels on a given day, offering visitors valuable insights into the current dynamics of the local real estate market.