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  • How to Manage your Sold Listings in EstateVue

    Changing listings that were once active listings within your website to show as SOLD listings in 7 easy steps.  Follow through this simple article to republish your listings in a SOLD state!


    ● Login to your EstateVue admin panel

    Manage Featured Listings in IDX Software


    ● Click Listings on the left-hand side menu
    ● Click Manage Featured Listings

    Adding Feature Listing Data to an IDX Feed in a WordPress Website


    ● Click the Dropdown and select Show Unpublished
    ● Click the Search Button to display

    Search for your unpublished real estate listings.


    ● Find the listing address you want to change the status for and click to open the
    ● Toggle the listing status in the General Information Status box to the status you
    want to display (SOLD)
    IMPORTANT - Click the SAVE button in the top right corner and wait for it to say
    it has been saved


    ● Click Managed Listings on the left side of the menu again
    ● Click Show Unpublished from the Dropdown menu again and click Search to
    display the results again
    ● Find the property address that you just changed the status to SOLD on and
    toggle the button to ON from OFF

    Confirm Listing is published as a SOLD


    This is the final step from the EstateVue Admin and is IMPORTANT. Skipping this step
    erases your changes. We have to turn off the listing from the live data feed updates or it
    will wipe the changes from your front end and unpublish them each time the data is
    ● Click the Set as Manual/Synced Listing Icon to the far right
    ● You’ll notice it will change to the EstateVue House logo


    Log in to your WordPress website and Delete the EstateVue Cache so that the changes
    are immediately displayed on your website. You may need to clear your local cache as

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