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  • Hosting Package Updates For 2013

    You may or may not have heard, but we’re making some adjustments to our hosting packages this year and wanted to let you know first-hand how this could affect you and your website.One of the main changes has to do with WordPress, which you could say is the ‘skeleton’ of your website.  WordPress is the framework used to build our SEARCH, Custom, and Brokerage websites that allows you to do things like edit pages, add photos, and make blog posts, while doing a very good job at getting the attention of search engines. Recently, WordPress has become extremely popular across the web, and just like anything online, more popularity means heightened security risks as hackers try to target this growing technology.Fortunately, the people at WordPress are always ahead of the game; they release new versions periodically to address these threats and keep websites secure.  That means from time to time a WordPress site will need maintenance to upgrade to the latest, safest version.  Unfortunately this maintenance is not optional – if even one website on our servers is left vulnerable, it can compromise everyone’s security!We needed to come up with a plan that guarantees security for all our clients while maintaining an affordable price and lots of value. With that in mind, we’ve released these options:“Grandfather” Package 50/mo.This level of service is no longer offered to new clients, and is only available to legacy clients. It includes:

    • Basic support
    • 100MB connection
    • Unlimited email accounts

    WordPress security updates aren’t included in the “Grandfather” package, which means we also need to invoice 2-4 times a year for security maintenance (we estimate each upgrade to cost approx. $62.50 - $125).  If you are still on this plan, we encourage you to upgrade to one of the superior marketing plans below, which include security patching and much more:Marketing Base Pack 100/mo. – includes everything in the "Grandfather" package, plus:

    • Google AdWords account setup ($1500 setup value – FREE)
    • 10/mo. SEM Adwords budget
    • Security & patching
    • Priority support
    • 14 day incremental backups

    Was that all Greek to you? In short, sign up for this package and get faster support, and increased traffic to your website through Google AdWords marketing. If that still sounds like a robot said it, give us a call at 1-855-448-4131 to chat with one of our humans.Marketing Power Pack 399/mo. – includes everything in the Base Pack, plus:

    • 50/mo. SEM budget
    • 1 hour of maintenance ($125 value – FREE)
    • SEO on page optimization for 5 geo targeted keywords and monthly external optimization
    • ranking and reporting
    • EstateVue Platform fee waived ($100/mo  value - FREE)

    Get even more guaranteed traffic with this package through AdWords, plus a sweet, sweet SEO boost in the search engines to increase your visibility online.  Track the results of your investment with access to detailed stats and reports on your website traffic. ($4788/yr – savings: $3600) – 1 house sale per year pays for your total marketing budget.Marketing Power Pack Ultra - 599/mo. – includes everything in the Power Pack, plus:

    • 100/mo. SEM budget
    • SEO on page optimization for 10 geo targeted keywords and monthly external optimization
    • EstateVue Platform fee waived ($100/mo  value - FREE)

    This package gives you a huge amount of visibility in the search engines.  Bask (BASK!) in a big increase of traffic and qualified leads.  Plus, you’ll be treated like royalty by our staff, and who doesn’t love that? ($7188/yr – savings: $5400) 1.35 house sales per year pays for total marketing budget. If you have any questions about these new offerings, or want to get on board, please contact us at 1-855-448-4131, or send an email to [email protected] image courtesy of Images_Of_Money

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