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  • Canada’s Hot Luxury Neighbourhoods

    Are you in the market for a $13 million home? Well, probably not. But if you were, there are some neighbourhoods in Canada where you would find just that. And they're very competitive!

    For the wealthiest home owners, communities like Bridle Path, Toronto and Westmount, Montreal are where the most sought-after luxury properties are found. They are rich (no pun intended) in history, conveniently located, and lavishly beautiful. Three of the highest-priced listings in Montreal give a good picture of the kind of lifestyle you can expect in these historic communities (click these links to see).  This is truly premium living, and you only have to walk down the street to feel it (as a former resident of Montreal, I recommend a walk in May or June; Winter in Quebec is not for the faint of heart!)

    But major urban centres are not the only luxury destinations in our true North, strong and free.  In Kelowna, British Columbia, you can find elegant and expansive luxury properties that rival Westmount and Bridle Path (at least in price).  Feast your eyes on some of the highest priced luxury properties in the Okanagan Valley.  While they lack the depth of history of early settlement cities like Montreal and Toronto, properties in Kelowna make up for it with the sweeping views of mountain and lake that characterize Kelowna.

    Realtors, take note: marketing these properties takes dedication and an eye for quality.




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