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  • Blog Series, Part 7: Wanna Give It All You’ve Got?

    If you’ve gone through the list up until now and established that you’ve mastered every tip and trick… first of all, congratulations. Secondly, if you’re interested in ramping it up to ‘real estate agent of the future,’ think about some of these options which are far from essential, but pretty darn cool:Video blogs: If you already have a written blog and have a decent dose of regular postings you’ve clearly shown commitment to the blogosphere. Maybe you want to show off your face a little bit?  A lot of realtors are starting to go the video blog route, and we see great potential with this. We absolutely HATE cliché’s so we apologize for repeating this but, a picture is worth a thousand words. Think about how many words a video is worth… It allows you to show viewers what you’re talking about and get a better sense of your personality. Writing down a joke or two is great, but who knows who might take it as sarcasm or anger. Plus it’s much faster to record a video blog than write one down, especially if you want to do it on the go. If you have charm, always have something to say, or have several tips you want to dole out, you’re an excellent candidate for video blogging. Get yourself on Vimeo or Youtube and have a ball.QR Codes: Since EstateVue released the QR code option, we’ve been noticing them pop up everywhere, particularly in real estate. They take your print marketing to a new level and give you a lot of options to get creative with them. Here’s our written copy on QR codes, we hope it sums it up for you:QR’ stands for Quick Response, a technology that enables agents to direct users to specific online listings. By using these codes in print marketing initiatives, potential buyers can find your website quickly and easily just by scanning the code with their phones. In addition, those in the market for real estate can find all the information about a specific property with a quick scan, right on the spot. Making it this simple to find the info they need stirs interest in your listing and your services, making it a highly effective marketing tool.The QR code drives traffic to your website and makes you even more accessible to interested buyers. Masses of people are now connected to the internet with their mobile phone; why not take advantage of that? Snatch them up while the interest is hot.If either of these extras interest you, do a quick Google search and read up on them, they may be a perfect option to take your business to the next level.This is the last post in this blog series, what did you think? Have any other advice you would like to add or ask about? Give us feedback at [email protected], or get on our Twitter or Facebook and fire off some opinions. We've got another series in the works so stay tuned!

    Photo courtesy of John Chroston

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