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  • Blog Series, Part 6: So What About Social Media?

    So by now you’ve hopefully ticked off some essentials and added extras: great real estate website, fabulous pictures, maybe even a blog. If you’re interested in going that extra mile, make sure you’re securely fastened on the social media optimization train. Now we say ‘ extra mile’ a little tentatively because we are deeply rooted in a society that feeds off this stuff, so if you want to stay current you should already be on top of it. If you’re saying “social what??” then please please adjust your bifocals and be prepared to change your adult diaper after you read this because we will blow your mind.

    We’re talking about Facebook and Twitter, Google Business, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pintrest, and more; in reality the list is long and exhausting but we’ll start with the big two and work from there.Having a Facebook page makes it easier for clients and potential clients to connect with you. It can also save time if notoriously repeated questions are answered right on your page and form an impromptu FAQ. It is also a great place to show off new listings. But most of all, Facebook is huge and a giant bulk of society is on it wasting time and browsing. So should you choose to advertise on Facebook, you can easily reach a huge stretch of people.We’ve found that Twitter is actually the more popular medium for realtors. The communication is virtually instant. It also gives a great opportunity to get public and personal ‘testimonials’ from loving clients: “@JohnSmithRealtor just sold my home in a week! I don’t know how he did it, but I’m convinced he’s half wizard” Now imagine that fabulous comment about you possibly being broadcast to all of that client's followers, all of your followers and several stray Twitter browsers. See the potential? You might not pick up a new client right on the spot, but a few @mentions like that could have you pushed into Real Estate royalty on the internet.The difference between social media and a website is that it enables realtors and their clients to interact, clients and other clients to interact, and dare we say it, realtors and other realtors to interact. Oh, and did we mention it’s completely free?But don’t get ahead of yourself; we’ve encountered so many agents who get fired up about social media maybe after attending some cult-like convention. They make a Facebook page or a Twitter account, maybe type of a couple statuses and Tweet a couple times then ditch their accounts the next week. If you foresee yourself doing this then don’t go through the trouble. Try and commit to social media before you get started, because it can be misleading at times. It’s possible that people browsing Facebook who come upon your dead Facebook page might wonder if you’re still a practicing agent. Or perhaps someone tries to contact you via Facebook and get put off that they haven’t received any response. So as important as it is to be weary of what you do say on your social media accounts, it’s important to think about what you don’t say.  If you have an unused Facebook page, deactivate it and go about your life. Social media is not a toy. Spoiler: Check out our blog to learn more about how we can help you build you an amazing real estate website.

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