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    The Quickstart website has everything you need to get out of the digital marketing gates with a starting point that sets you up for success. This real estate website product is foundationally the exact same from a technical starting point all of our websites are built upon, and can be built out as needed for all your future real estate digital marketing needs. This amazing website for Realtors has been designed to get you up and running quickly, and includes the base features outlined below.



    Estatevue Real Estate Control Panel Home Screen
    Discover Top Reator Sites in Canada Designed by EstateVue

    EstateVue Software Platform

    Real time updates to all of your real estate listings, so you don’t have to lift a finger when a price or listing is added through your board.   In addition our software syncs all listings from the CREA DDF data feed among other board locations in order to show the most current real estate listing data  in your area.    Want more?  Our platform allows you to easily customize each listing by adding more photos, virtual tours, pocket listings, PDF reporting, and more.   More of our great real estate software management features and tools can be viewed here.

    Website Build + Setup

    Our intuitive real estate listing software integrates directly with WordPress so we can mix and match themes, custom designs, and build virtually anything you can imagine.   We are a “YES WE CAN” digital marketing company where nothing is impossible.  In our Quickstart model we have very modern real estate themes to choose from, and there is approximately a 4 hour budget to colour match, integrate logos, content and more into the site.  If you are looking for a larger creative budget, not a problem, simply ask us what you are looking to do, and we can quote out the time to add more.   Alternatively, check out our standard EstateVue model, and save.

    Real estate listing search options screen

    Listings, Data, IDX and More...

    We configure everything out of the gates, and connect your specific Realtor ID to our software.   This allows your listings to come down into our software making them the most SEO friendly real estate listing platform in Canada.

    Real estate CRM connector

    SSL + Security

    All of our websites include a dedicated IP and private SSL certificate giving you an edge over your competitors. There are some incredibly powerful reasons to go the extra mile and have these solutions integrated into your website. Not only do they provide expanded compatibility with older browsers, but they also reduce the chance of your site being blacklisted as your site is not shared with other IP’s. The long and the short of it is that your site is safer, more reliable, and gives your end user a level of protection with these services integrated.
    why an ssl is important for your real estate website

    Integrated SMS, Live Chat, and Powerforms (forms sent via SMS).

    We know how important it is to convert website traffic into contact requests, which is why we include options for visitors to send you an SMS, start a chat, and fill out contact forms that are sent to you through email and SMS.  Communicate instantly, from anywhere without any worry that you are losing leads.  SYNC your leads with our CRM and now you have an engine that saves you time, and gives you an edge over your competitors.

    Real estate listing management software

    Listing Management Control Panel

    Automatic listings syncing tools will allow our software to download your real estate listings into our platform as they become available.   Because of this unique mechanism, the EstateVue listing control panel, allows you to further customize each listing by adding virtual tours, higher resolution photos, and even generate real time tracking links for your customers to monitor traffic.  

    Best of all because you are hosting a copy of the listing data locally your SEO goes through the roof as Google indexes the content within the page: photos, listing addresses, descriptions and more. 

    IDX real estate data feeds Canada
    real estate data feeds canada

    IDX / Real Estate Data Feeds

    Showing all real estate listings in your local area is a must for any real estate website today.   EstateVue controls many different real estate data feeds across Canada, and we can refine the exact property types you want to show in your website.  Whether you are looking to show real estate under 400K or all Condos in a specific neighbourhood, we have you covered.   

    traffic for your real estate website

    Yearly Updates

    All of our website solutions have a mandatory once per year review to ensure that links are not broken, new SSL’s are purchased and installed, and a client communication touchpoint is created.  If you want a real estate website company that cares about your digital marketing, and doesn’t just collect a monthly fee, then contact us to learn more.


    What's On Our Mind?

    Learn more about marketing for real estate when you read our blog. We post once per month and regularly share tips and advice about digital marketing for Canadian real estate websites.