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  • Over the past little while it seems as though we keep throwing pieces of advice or insight into posts without really allowing these posts to be themed. So, now that we're into a new year, let's make that change happen. We now present you with our first official edition of Agent Tips; a segment focused on passing on articles or other information that we run into which are pertinent and crucial to an agent's career. This section will essentially be free marketing advice and tips, so be sure to share with your friends, colleagues, brokerages, etc. and to check back regularly for more editions of Agent Tips.We see premium and sub-par examples of marketing strategies every day, and we found an article that really sums up one of the most common marketing issues to date: Make your media work together. This article is a very clear explanation of the importance of the frequency and consistency of marketing materials, which is severely lacking within the real estate industry. For instance, did you know that the average person requires interaction with an advertisement an average of 3 times before acting upon this advertisement if it appeals to them? The article also goes over different realms of marketing techniques that can be effective if used in conjunction with one another, another missing component in many strategies.Apps are an important realm that is not explored enough, which is a shame, because there are apps out there that have answers to your problems; the trick is to find them. For instance, have you ever met somebody, added their contact info to your phone, but when they followed-up with you and their name showed up on the call display, you blanked on who they were? Ever wished for a solution to this malevolent situation? never fear ladies and gentlemen, meet Evernote. Evernote is a brilliant smartphone app that will solve these devastating problems for you with its detailed contact interface called Evernote Hello. This app allows the user to not only add their new acquaintance's contact information, but to add where they met, what they met about, and even attach a photo to this information. To learn more about Evernote, please read these following articles we found to help you along the way.http://next.inman.com/2012/01/hello-evernote-hello/http://next.inman.com/2011/12/secret-evernote-tip-how-to-save-tweets-into-evernote

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