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  • 2011 Brought Some BIG Change

    Yesterday the Council on Tall Buildings and urban Habitat released A Year in Review: Trends of 2011, a report that shows skyscraper completion has increased for the fifth year in a row. What does this mean? 2011 is the year of tall buildings it looks like, with the most skyscrapers reaching completion last year, an impressive 88 projects.  The report discusses the future impact if skyscraper completion growth remains steady in the coming years, particularly the effect on the skylines in the world’s major cities. And if we may weigh in, it seems to create the potential for a traffic headache… not to mention obstructing many clear views of the sunset.So now the question is, where is all this happening?If the trend continues the way it’s going, we will see a lot of build-up in China and the United Arab Emirates, which stole the show with a total of 39 of the 88 projects. As far as cities go, the three top skyscraper producers (some unexpected) are Panama City, Panama with 10; Abu Dhabi, UAE with 9; and Busan, South Korea with 9 as well. The CTBUH also reports that before 2011, these three cities combined had only six buildings over 200 meters, and have grown to 34 - that’s 567% of growth!In the coming years we will see many more of these building giants popping up around the world, with 300 projects over 200m currently under construction. This is bringing about rapid change and growth- of the 88 buildings completed in 2011, 17 made the world’s 100 tallest buildings list. At this point we won’t have to change our top five list, at least not until the project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia wraps up construction in the coming years.Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more juicy tidbits of information. You know you want to…

    photo courtesy of Chris Talbot

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