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    Here are a few excellent reasons to look at upgrading to one of our paid solutions:

    1. Premiere access – An exclusive email drip designed generate leads and provide clients with quality information.

    http://devensellscalgary.ca/ - Call to Action Boxes Premiere Access (Free – use to generate leads)

    http://devensellscalgary.ca/premier-access/ - Premiere Access Sign Up Page (Free – use to generate leads)

    2. Responsive property tools – All of our listing tools are now responsive for mobiles in responsive websites. Please take a look at a few of these links:





    3. Designed for Search Engine Presence – All features inside this website are designed to perform like a Ferarri in Google. Our technology will boost any websites long tail key terms and has been proven to improve results from 100-1000%. http://neufeldjones.com/listing-detail/524384/299-Marigold-Road-Kelowna-V1V-1P5

    4. Google Adword / Analytics Setup – We can guarantee qualified searches to your website because we setup Google Adwords and push traffic to your website. This results in more opportunities to your website which can be tracked and measured with ease.

    5. Latest Designs – Pick from some of the most current / advanced designs on the web. We have the largest design library than any of our competitors. http://www.estatevue.com/library/

    6. Content Syndication – We setup your site to have content pushed to it on a regular basis. If you want your brand and website to look current then you need our blog syndication technology. We not only have the option to push blog content to your site, but also to Twitter and Facebook capturing back more time for you to do what you do best – sell more real estate. http://terencetait.ca/blog/

    7. 0 Day ShelfWare – As our technology improves, we push updates to your website at no extra cost. We have had 3 updates in the last 3 months alone to technology including restricted access tools via Premiere Access, new listing widget styles, new banners for property types, etc… Don’t forget that access to the software and all hosting fees are included in our marketing solution!

    8. Restricted access – Force clients to leave their information before they can see any properties. This is an option feature and does not have to be implemented.

    http://gregsellskelowna.com/ - http://gregsellskelowna.com/search-kelowna-real-estate/ - Restricted Access ( 2 hours work to integrate)

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