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Because it’s Friday and the dawn of yet another long weekend, we thought we would reward you with something that has the potential to become a Friday blog tradition… Here are the top 3 stories we found in our search.Interesting: We didn’t think real estate made for a very popular book topic. Of course you might get the occasional ‘how-to’ or an autobiography of a real estate investing millionaire, but this book caught our interest, mostly because we loooove a good real estate story to pass around the office. So when we found out there was a book filled with a hodgepodge of entertaining real estate anecdotes, we absolutely had to share. True Real Estate Stories: from Haunted Houses to Naughty Neighbours is available online and in bookstores.Hilarious: The Huffington Post has a list of “The Most Ridiculous Real Estate Agents of All Time.” Do we need to say more? If you want a chuckle, check out the list. The agents vary from those who place celebrity photos on their ads to having some pretty unfortunate names (thanks mom and dad!) Let us forewarn you ahead of time, some of the references are a bit crude so if it’s not your kind of humour maybe skip over this one.Top House: “Palais Bulles” otherwise known as the Bubble House is an avant garde creation outside of Cannes, France is a house that caught our eye this week. We think it resembles some sort of space-age underwater podcraft (does that even make sense?) We also found this interesting because one of us may be “in the neighbourhood” soon so we’ll be getting a little first-hand research on more interesting architecture in Europe.Found this interesting? Let us know and we will post more Top 3’s in our blog… or maybe Top 5, 10, or 100 depending on the amount of reading you want to do. If you would like to see a certain topic, give us a shout, we always take requests! Join us on Facebook and Twitter to stay on top of what we’re saying.

Photo courtesy of Jim Donnelly

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