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  • Monthly Archives: January 2012

    Agent Tips

    Over the past little while it seems as though we keep throwing pieces of advice or insight into posts without really allowing these posts to be themed. So, now that we're into a new year, let's make that change happen. We now present you with our first official edition of Agent Tips; a segment focused...

    Blog Series, Part 5: Get Blogging!

    What will make you stand out and distinguish yourself as an active player in the online world of real estate? The website is nice yes, but enriching it with more content that is interesting and relevant to your clients will set yourself apart. Consider starting a blog on your website which...

    Happy New Year!

    We hope that everyone's holiday vacations (or not) were enjoyable and that you are attacking 2012 with some rested spirits and fresh ideas! It's amazing how this time of year works, because it is a time of reflection while also being a time of refreshment. We are all focusing on the best part or highlights...